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Building on x86-bm-9.ocamllabs.io

(from ocaml/opam:debian-unstable@sha256:a20618cee40a09b4c7604919411db28c4ae473b9780730085f91824e8dd5f205)
Unable to find image 'ocaml/opam:debian-unstable@sha256:a20618cee40a09b4c7604919411db28c4ae473b9780730085f91824e8dd5f205' locally
docker.io/ocaml/opam@sha256:a20618cee40a09b4c7604919411db28c4ae473b9780730085f91824e8dd5f205: Pulling from ocaml/opam
f8f85475deda: Pulling fs layer
f8f85475deda: Verifying Checksum
f8f85475deda: Download complete
f8f85475deda: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:a20618cee40a09b4c7604919411db28c4ae473b9780730085f91824e8dd5f205
Status: Downloaded newer image for ocaml/opam@sha256:a20618cee40a09b4c7604919411db28c4ae473b9780730085f91824e8dd5f205
2022-09-02 12:12.48 ---> using "00583e82ec888c922d57db664b8acb62b642829c5a4a94b17a44e5693b1db2de" from cache

/: (user (uid 1000) (gid 1000))


/: (env OPAMUTF8 never)

/: (env OPAMEXTERNALSOLVER builtin-0install)

/: (env OPAMCRITERIA +removed)

/: (run (shell "sudo ln -f /usr/bin/opam-dev /usr/bin/opam"))
2022-09-02 12:12.48 ---> using "f816199fc982412d3ea70ae1ae1bab135eea82bc7670ac5d731bc57d0733e3c4" from cache

/: (run (network host)
        (shell "rm -rf ~/opam-repository && git clone -q 'https://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository' ~/opam-repository && git -C ~/opam-repository checkout -q 418227c38ed4e28a0827786e5e9e50b9547c0b27"))
2022-09-02 12:12.48 ---> using "4cabcce7a0cb6de31986471b51abc9f1f3fec6a75be6e83e549da867c7605e5a" from cache

/: (run (shell "rm -rf ~/.opam && opam init -ya --bare --config ~/.opamrc-sandbox ~/opam-repository"))
Configuring from /home/opam/.opamrc-sandbox, then /home/opam/.opamrc, and finally from built-in defaults.
Checking for available remotes: rsync and local, git.
  - you won't be able to use mercurial repositories unless you install the hg command on your system.
  - you won't be able to use darcs repositories unless you install the darcs command on your system.

<><> Fetching repository information ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
[default] Initialised

User configuration:
  ~/.profile is already up-to-date.
[NOTE] Make sure that ~/.profile is well sourced in your ~/.bashrc.

2022-09-02 12:12.48 ---> using "d451da695ab21573c7bdead4176eec083b0218f568c4ccf5f5b38b162d64d4d7" from cache

/: (run (cache (opam-archives (target /home/opam/.opam/download-cache)))
        (network host)
        (shell "opam switch create --repositories=default '4.02' '4.02.3'"))

<><> Installing new switch packages <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Switch invariant: ["ocaml-base-compiler" {= "4.02.3"} | "ocaml-system" {= "4.02.3"}]

<><> Processing actions <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
-> installed base-bigarray.base
-> installed base-threads.base
-> installed base-unix.base
-> retrieved ocaml-base-compiler.4.02.3  (cached)
-> installed ocaml-base-compiler.4.02.3
-> installed ocaml-config.1
-> installed ocaml.4.02.3
-> installed base-ocamlbuild.base
# Run eval $(opam env --switch=4.02) to update the current shell environment
2022-09-02 12:12.48 ---> using "223b587d6219de241b5fe2476cca1ad2732b102678fd285cc5d3edf02aef4b2d" from cache

/: (run (network host)
        (shell "opam update --depexts"))
+ /usr/bin/sudo "apt-get" "update"
- Get:1 http://deb.debian.org/debian unstable InRelease [192 kB]
- Get:2 http://deb.debian.org/debian unstable/main amd64 Packages.diff/Index [63.6 kB]
- Get:3 http://deb.debian.org/debian unstable/main amd64 Packages T-2022-09-02-0804.09-F-2022-08-29-1405.22.pdiff [252 kB]
- Get:3 http://deb.debian.org/debian unstable/main amd64 Packages T-2022-09-02-0804.09-F-2022-08-29-1405.22.pdiff [252 kB]
- Fetched 508 kB in 2s (272 kB/s)
- Reading package lists...
2022-09-02 12:12.48 ---> using "c0c00ed69dfa240f823e546816ce4f88a7c336b4b4f5530364d7acb30f9d72a3" from cache

/: (run (cache (opam-archives (target /home/opam/.opam/download-cache)))
        (network host)
        (shell "opam install -y ocaml-secondary-compiler"))
The following actions will be performed:
=== install 1 package
  - install ocaml-secondary-compiler 4.08.1-1

<><> Processing actions <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
-> retrieved ocaml-secondary-compiler.4.08.1-1  (cached)
-> installed ocaml-secondary-compiler.4.08.1-1
# Run eval $(opam env) to update the current shell environment
2022-09-02 12:12.48 ---> using "bd741586fd5548d12a6ac027970b01ad7b56042967e2133debdca67c4c6f5f12" from cache

/: (run (cache (opam-archives (target /home/opam/.opam/download-cache)))
        (network host)
        (shell  "\
               \nopam remove -y \"assimp.0.3\"\
               \nopam install -vy \"assimp.0.3\"\
               \nif [ $res = 31 ]; then\
               \n    if opam show -f x-ci-accept-failures: \"assimp.0.3\" | grep -q '\"debian-unstable\"'; then\
               \n        echo \"This package failed and has been disabled for CI using the 'x-ci-accept-failures' field.\"\
               \n        exit 69\
               \n    fi\
               \nexit $res\
[NOTE] assimp.0.3 is not installed.

Nothing to do.
The following actions will be performed:
=== install 4 packages
  - install assimp    0.3
  - install dune      1.11.4 [required by result]
  - install ocamlfind 1.9.5  [required by assimp]
  - install result    1.5    [required by assimp]

The following system packages will first need to be installed:

<><> Handling external dependencies <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

opam believes some required external dependencies are missing. opam can:
> 1. Run apt-get to install them (may need root/sudo access)
  2. Display the recommended apt-get command and wait while you run it manually (e.g. in another terminal)
  3. Attempt installation anyway, and permanently register that this external dependency is present, but not detectable
  4. Abort the installation

[1/2/3/4] 1
+ /usr/bin/sudo "apt-get" "install" "-qq" "-yy" "libassimp-dev"
- debconf: delaying package configuration, since apt-utils is not installed
- Selecting previously unselected package libdraco5:amd64.
- (Reading database ... 
(Reading database ... 5%
(Reading database ... 10%
(Reading database ... 15%
(Reading database ... 20%
(Reading database ... 25%
(Reading database ... 30%
(Reading database ... 35%
(Reading database ... 40%
(Reading database ... 45%
(Reading database ... 50%
(Reading database ... 55%
(Reading database ... 60%
(Reading database ... 65%
(Reading database ... 70%
(Reading database ... 75%
(Reading database ... 80%
(Reading database ... 85%
(Reading database ... 90%
(Reading database ... 95%
(Reading database ... 100%
(Reading database ... 19664 files and directories currently installed.)
- Preparing to unpack .../0-libdraco5_1.5.3+dfsg-2_amd64.deb ...
- Unpacking libdraco5:amd64 (1.5.3+dfsg-2) ...
- Selecting previously unselected package libminizip1:amd64.
- Preparing to unpack .../1-libminizip1_1.1-8+b1_amd64.deb ...
- Unpacking libminizip1:amd64 (1.1-8+b1) ...
- Selecting previously unselected package libassimp5:amd64.
- Preparing to unpack .../2-libassimp5_5.2.4~ds0-3+b1_amd64.deb ...
- Unpacking libassimp5:amd64 (5.2.4~ds0-3+b1) ...
- Selecting previously unselected package libdraco-dev:amd64.
- Preparing to unpack .../3-libdraco-dev_1.5.3+dfsg-2_amd64.deb ...
- Unpacking libdraco-dev:amd64 (1.5.3+dfsg-2) ...
- Selecting previously unselected package libminizip-dev:amd64.
- Preparing to unpack .../4-libminizip-dev_1.1-8+b1_amd64.deb ...
- Unpacking libminizip-dev:amd64 (1.1-8+b1) ...
- Selecting previously unselected package libassimp-dev:amd64.
- Preparing to unpack .../5-libassimp-dev_5.2.4~ds0-3+b1_amd64.deb ...
- Unpacking libassimp-dev:amd64 (5.2.4~ds0-3+b1) ...
- Setting up libminizip1:amd64 (1.1-8+b1) ...
- Setting up libminizip-dev:amd64 (1.1-8+b1) ...
- Setting up libdraco5:amd64 (1.5.3+dfsg-2) ...
- Setting up libdraco-dev:amd64 (1.5.3+dfsg-2) ...
- Setting up libassimp5:amd64 (5.2.4~ds0-3+b1) ...
- Setting up libassimp-dev:amd64 (5.2.4~ds0-3+b1) ...
- Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.34-7) ...

<><> Processing actions <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Processing  1/12: [assimp.0.3: http]
Processing  2/12: [assimp.0.3: http]
Processing  3/12: [assimp.0.3: http]
-> retrieved ocamlfind.1.9.5  (cached)
Processing  4/12: [assimp.0.3: http]
[ocamlfind: patch] applying 0001-Fix-bug-when-installing-with-a-system-compiler.patch
Processing  5/12: [assimp.0.3: http] [ocamlfind: patch]
-> retrieved result.1.5  (cached)
Processing  5/12: [assimp.0.3: http] [ocamlfind: ./configure]
-> retrieved dune.1.11.4  (cached)
Processing  6/12: [assimp.0.3: http] [dune: ocaml bootstrap.ml] [ocamlfind: ./configure]
Processing  6/12: [dune: ocaml bootstrap.ml] [ocamlfind: ./configure]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "./configure" "-bindir" "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin" "-sitelib" "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib" "-mandir" "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/man" "-config" "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib.conf" "-no-custom" "-no-camlp4" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5)
- Welcome to findlib version 1.9.5
- Configuring core...
- Checking for #remove_directory...
- Testing threading model...
- systhread_supported: true
- Testing DLLs...
- Testing whether ppxopt can be supported...
- Checking for ocamlc -opaque...
- Querying installation: META list not found
- make install will double-check installed META files
- Configuring libraries...
- unix: found
- dynlink: found
- bigarray: found
- compiler-libs: found
- dbm: not present (normal since 4.00)
- graphics: found
- num: found
- ocamlbuild: found (in +ocamlbuild)
- ocamldoc: found (in +ocamldoc)
- raw_spacetime: not present (normal since 4.12)
- threads: found (in +threads)
- runtime_events: not present
- str: found
- labltk: not present (normal since 4.02)
- native dynlink: found
- camlp4: disabled
- bytes: found, installing fake library
- Configuration for stdlib written to site-lib-src/stdlib/META
- Configuration for unix written to site-lib-src/unix/META
- Configuration for dynlink written to site-lib-src/dynlink/META
- Configuration for bigarray written to site-lib-src/bigarray/META
- Configuration for compiler-libs written to site-lib-src/compiler-libs/META
- Configuration for graphics written to site-lib-src/graphics/META
- Configuration for num written to site-lib-src/num/META
- Configuration for num-top written to site-lib-src/num-top/META
- Configuration for ocamlbuild written to site-lib-src/ocamlbuild/META
- Configuration for ocamldoc written to site-lib-src/ocamldoc/META
- Configuration for threads written to site-lib-src/threads/META
- Configuration for str written to site-lib-src/str/META
- Configuration for bytes written to site-lib-src/bytes/META
- Detecting compiler arguments: (extractor built) ok
- About the OCAML core installation:
-     Standard library:      /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/ocaml
-     Binaries:              /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin
-     Manual pages:          /home/opam/.opam/4.02/man
-     Multi-threading type:  posix
- The directory of site-specific packages will be
-     site-lib:              /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib
- The configuration file is written to:
-     findlib config file:   /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib.conf
- Software will be installed:
-     Libraries:             in <site-lib>/findlib
-     Binaries:              /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin
-     Manual pages:          /home/opam/.opam/4.02/man
-     topfind script:        /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/ocaml
- Topfind ppxopt support:    yes
- Toolbox:                   no
- Link custom runtime:       no
- Need bytes compatibility:  no
- Configuration has been written to Makefile.config
- You can now do 'make all', and optionally 'make opt', to build ocamlfind.
Processing  6/12: [dune: ocaml bootstrap.ml] [ocamlfind: make all]
-> retrieved assimp.0.3  (https://github.com/let-def/assimp/archive/v0.3.tar.gz)
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "make" "all" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5)
- for p in findlib; do ( cd src/$p; make all ) || exit; done
- make[1]: Entering directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5/src/findlib'
- ocamllex fl_meta.mll
- 22 states, 392 transitions, table size 1700 bytes
- USE_CYGPATH="0"; \
- export USE_CYGPATH; \
- cat findlib_config.mlp | \
-          ../../tools/patch '@CONFIGFILE@' '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib.conf' | \
-          ../../tools/patch '@STDLIB@' '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/ocaml' | \
- 	sed -e 's;@AUTOLINK@;true;g' \
- 	    -e 's;@SYSTEM@;linux;g' \
- 	     >findlib_config.ml
- if [ "true" = "true" ]; then                 \
- 	cp topfind.ml.in topfind.ml;                             \
- else                                                             \
- 	sed -e '/PPXOPT_BEGIN/,/PPXOPT_END/ d' topfind.ml.in     \
- 		> topfind.ml ;                                   \
- fi
- ocamldep *.ml *.mli >depend
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c findlib_config.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_split.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_metatoken.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_meta.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_metascanner.mli
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_metascanner.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_topo.mli
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_topo.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_package_base.mli
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_package_base.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -c findlib.mli
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c findlib.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_args.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_lint.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs -a -o findlib.cma findlib_config.cmo fl_split.cmo fl_metatoken.cmo fl_meta.cmo fl_metascanner.cmo fl_topo.cmo fl_package_base.cmo findlib.cmo fl_args.cmo fl_lint.cmo
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c ocaml_args.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c frontend.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs  -o ocamlfind -g findlib.cma unix.cma \
-            -I +unix -I +dynlink ocaml_args.cmo frontend.cmo
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -c topfind.mli
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c topfind.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs -a -o findlib_top.cma topfind.cmo
- USE_CYGPATH="0"; \
- export USE_CYGPATH; \
- cat topfind_rd1.p | \
-          ../../tools/patch '@SITELIB@' '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib' \
-     	    >topfind
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -c num_top_printers.mli
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c num_top_printers.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -c num_top.mli
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c num_top.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs -a -o num_top.cma num_top_printers.cmo num_top.cmo
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_dynload.mli
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs    -I +unix -I +dynlink -g -c fl_dynload.ml
- ocamlc -I +compiler-libs -a -o findlib_dynload.cma fl_dynload.cmo
- make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5/src/findlib'
- make all-config
- make[1]: Entering directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5'
- USE_CYGPATH="0"; \
- export USE_CYGPATH; \
- cat findlib.conf.in | \
-      tools/patch '@SITELIB@' '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib' >findlib.conf
- if ./tools/cmd_from_same_dir ocamlc; then \
- 	echo 'ocamlc="ocamlc.opt"' >>findlib.conf; \
- fi
- if ./tools/cmd_from_same_dir ocamlopt; then \
- 	echo 'ocamlopt="ocamlopt.opt"' >>findlib.conf; \
- fi
- if ./tools/cmd_from_same_dir ocamldep; then \
- 	echo 'ocamldep="ocamldep.opt"' >>findlib.conf; \
- fi
- if ./tools/cmd_from_same_dir ocamldoc; then \
- 	echo 'ocamldoc="ocamldoc.opt"' >>findlib.conf; \
- fi
- make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5'
Processing  6/12: [dune: ocaml bootstrap.ml] [ocamlfind: make opt]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "make" "opt" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5)
- for p in findlib; do ( cd src/$p; make opt ) || exit; done
- make[1]: Entering directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5/src/findlib'
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c findlib_config.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_split.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_metatoken.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_meta.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_metascanner.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_topo.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_package_base.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c findlib.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_args.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_lint.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g -a -o findlib.cmxa findlib_config.cmx fl_split.cmx fl_metatoken.cmx fl_meta.cmx fl_metascanner.cmx fl_topo.cmx fl_package_base.cmx findlib.cmx fl_args.cmx fl_lint.cmx
- if [ 1 -gt 0 ]; then \
-     ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g -shared -o findlib.cmxs findlib_config.cmx fl_split.cmx fl_metatoken.cmx fl_meta.cmx fl_metascanner.cmx fl_topo.cmx fl_package_base.cmx findlib.cmx fl_args.cmx fl_lint.cmx; \
- fi
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c ocaml_args.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c frontend.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g -o ocamlfind_opt findlib.cmxa unix.cmxa \
- 	   -I +unix -I +dynlink ocaml_args.cmx frontend.cmx
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c topfind.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g -a -o findlib_top.cmxa topfind.cmx
- if [ 1 -gt 0 ]; then \
-     ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g -shared -o findlib_top.cmxs topfind.cmx; \
- fi
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g   -I +unix -I +dynlink -c fl_dynload.ml
- ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g -a -o findlib_dynload.cmxa fl_dynload.cmx
- if [ 1 -gt 0 ]; then \
-     ocamlopt -I +compiler-libs -g -shared -o findlib_dynload.cmxs fl_dynload.cmx; \
- fi
- make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5/src/findlib'
-> compiled  ocamlfind.1.9.5
Processing  6/12: [dune: ocaml bootstrap.ml]
Processing  7/12: [dune: ocaml bootstrap.ml] [ocamlfind: make install]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "ocaml" "bootstrap.ml" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/dune.1.11.4)
- cp src/ocaml-syntax-shims/pp.real.ml src/ocaml-syntax-shims/pp.ml
- cp src/ocaml-syntax-shims/shims.402.ml src/ocaml-syntax-shims/shims.ml
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamllex.opt -q src/ocaml-syntax-shims/let_trail.mll
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules src/ocaml-syntax-shims/let_trail.mli src/ocaml-syntax-shims/let_trail.ml src/ocaml-syntax-shims/pp.ml src/ocaml-syntax-shims/shims.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamlopt.opt -g -w -40 -o boot-pp.exe -I +compiler-libs ocamlcommon.cmxa boot_pp.ml
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamllex.opt -q src/ocamlobjinfo.mll
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamllex.opt -q src/meta_lexer.mll
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamllex.opt -q src/dune_lexer.mll
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamllex.opt -q src/dune_lang/dune_lexer.mll
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/action.mli src/action.ml src/action_ast.ml src/action_dune_lang.mli src/action_dune_lang.ml src/action_exec.mli src/action_exec.ml src/action_intf.ml src/action_mapper.mli src/action_mapper.ml src/action_to_sh.mli src/action_to_sh.boot.ml src/action_unexpanded.mli src/action_unexpanded.ml src/alias.mli src/alias.ml src/artifact_substitution.mli src/artifact_substitution.ml src/artifacts.mli src/artifacts.ml src/binary_kind.mli src/binary_kind.ml src/bindings.mli src/bindings.ml src/blang.mli src/blang.ml src/bootstrap.mli src/bootstrap.boot.ml src/build.mli src/build.ml otherlibs/build-info/src/build_info.mli otherlibs/build-info/src/build_info.ml otherlibs/build-info/src/build_info_data.mli otherlibs/build-info/src/build_info_data.boot.ml src/build_system.mli src/build_system.ml src/c.mli src/c.ml src/c_sources.mli src/c_sources.ml src/cached_digest.mli src/cached_digest.ml src/check_rules.mli src/check_rules.ml src/cinaps.mli src/cinaps.boot.ml src/clflags.mli src/clflags.ml src/cm_files.mli src/cm_files.ml src/cm_kind.mli src/cm_kind.ml src/colors.mli src/colors.ml src/command.mli src/command.ml src/compilation_context.mli src/compilation_context.ml src/config.mli src/config.ml src/context.mli src/context.ml src/coq_module.mli src/coq_module.ml src/coq_rules.mli src/coq_rules.boot.ml src/dep.mli src/dep.ml src/dep_graph.mli src/dep_graph.ml src/dep_path.mli src/dep_path.ml src/dep_rules.mli src/dep_rules.ml src/dialect.mli src/dialect.ml src/diff.mli src/diff.ml src/dir_contents.mli src/dir_contents.ml src/dir_set.mli src/dir_set.ml src/dir_status.mli src/dir_status.ml src/dir_with_dune.mli src/dir_with_dune.ml src/dpath.mli src/dpath.ml src/dune_env.mli src/dune_env.ml src/dune_file.mli src/dune_file.ml src/dune_init.mli src/dune_init.ml src/dune_lexer.mli src/dune_lexer.ml src/dune_load.mli src/dune_load.ml src/dune_package.mli src/dune_package.ml src/dune_project.mli src/dune_project.ml vendor/boot/dune_re.ml src/dynlink_supported.mli src/dynlink_supported.ml src/env_node.mli src/env_node.ml src/exe.mli src/exe.ml src/exe_rules.mli src/exe_rules.ml src/expander.mli src/expander.ml src/file_binding.mli src/file_binding.ml src/file_selector.mli src/file_selector.ml src/file_tree.mli src/file_tree.ml src/findlib.mli src/findlib.ml src/format_dune_lang.mli src/format_dune_lang.ml src/format_rules.mli src/format_rules.ml src/gen_meta.mli src/gen_meta.ml src/gen_rules.mli src/gen_rules.ml src/glob.mli src/glob.ml src/glob_lexer.mli src/glob_lexer.boot.ml src/hooks.mli src/hooks.ml src/import.ml src/inline_tests.mli src/inline_tests.boot.ml src/install.mli src/install.ml src/install_rules.mli src/install_rules.ml src/installed_dune_file.mli src/installed_dune_file.ml src/js_of_ocaml_rules.mli src/js_of_ocaml_rules.boot.ml src/lib.mli src/lib.ml src/lib_archives.mli src/lib_archives.ml src/lib_config.mli src/lib_config.ml src/lib_deps_info.mli src/lib_deps_info.ml src/lib_file_deps.mli src/lib_file_deps.ml src/lib_info.mli src/lib_info.ml src/lib_kind.mli src/lib_kind.ml src/lib_name.mli src/lib_name.ml src/lib_rules.mli src/lib_rules.ml src/link_time_code_gen.mli src/link_time_code_gen.ml src/local_package.mli src/local_package.ml src/main.mli src/main.ml src/menhir.mli src/menhir.boot.ml src/merlin.mli src/merlin.ml src/meta.mli src/meta.ml src/meta_lexer.mli src/meta_lexer.ml src/ml_kind.mli src/ml_kind.ml src/mode.mli src/mode.ml src/module.mli src/module.ml src/module_compilation.mli src/module_compilation.ml src/modules.mli src/modules.ml src/modules_field_evaluator.mli src/modules_field_evaluator.ml src/obj_dir.mli src/obj_dir.ml src/ocaml_flags.mli src/ocaml_flags.ml src/ocaml_version.mli src/ocaml_version.ml src/ocamldep.mli src/ocamldep.ml src/ocamlobjinfo.mli src/ocamlobjinfo.ml src/odoc.mli src/odoc.boot.ml vendor/boot/opamBaseParser.ml vendor/boot/opamLexer.ml vendor/boot/opamParserTypes.ml vendor/boot/opamPrinter.ml src/opam_create.mli src/opam_create.boot.ml src/opam_file.mli src/opam_file.ml src/ordered_set_lang.mli src/ordered_set_lang.ml src/package.mli src/package.ml src/packages.mli src/packages.ml src/per_item.mli src/per_item.ml src/persistent.mli src/persistent.ml src/pform.mli src/pform.ml src/predicate.mli src/predicate.ml src/predicate_lang.mli src/predicate_lang.ml src/preprocessing.mli src/preprocessing.ml src/print_diff.mli src/print_diff.ml src/process.mli src/process.ml src/promotion.mli src/promotion.ml src/report_error.mli src/report_error.ml src/response_file.mli src/response_file.ml src/rule.mli src/rule.ml src/rules.mli src/rules.ml src/scheduler.mli src/scheduler.ml src/scheme.mli src/scheme.ml src/scope.mli src/scope.ml src/setup.mli src/setup.boot.ml src/simple_rules.mli src/simple_rules.ml src/spawn.mli src/spawn.ml src/stanza.mli src/stanza.ml src/static_deps.mli src/static_deps.ml src/stats.mli src/stats.boot.ml src/string_with_vars.mli src/string_with_vars.ml src/sub_dirs.mli src/sub_dirs.ml src/sub_system.mli src/sub_system.ml src/sub_system_info.mli src/sub_system_info.ml src/sub_system_intf.ml src/sub_system_name.mli src/sub_system_name.ml src/super_context.mli src/super_context.ml src/syntax.mli src/syntax.ml src/test_rules.mli src/test_rules.boot.ml src/top_closure.mli src/top_closure.ml src/toplevel.mli src/toplevel.ml src/upgrader.mli src/upgrader.boot.ml src/utils.mli src/utils.ml src/utop.mli src/utop.boot.ml src/value.mli src/value.ml src/variant.mli src/variant.ml src/vcs.mli src/vcs.ml src/versioned_file.mli src/versioned_file.ml src/vimpl.mli src/vimpl.ml src/virtual_rules.mli src/virtual_rules.ml src/visibility.mli src/visibility.ml src/watermarks.mli src/watermarks.ml src/workspace.mli src/workspace.ml src/wrapped.mli src/wrapped.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/dag/dag.mli src/dag/dag.ml src/dag/dag_intf.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/stdune/caml/dune_caml.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/dune_lang/dune_lang.mli src/dune_lang/dune_lang.ml src/dune_lang/atom.mli src/dune_lang/atom.ml src/dune_lang/combinators.ml src/dune_lang/dune_lexer.mli src/dune_lang/dune_lexer.ml src/dune_lang/escape.mli src/dune_lang/escape.ml src/dune_lang/file_syntax.mli src/dune_lang/file_syntax.ml src/dune_lang/jbuild_lexer.mli src/dune_lang/jbuild_lexer.boot.ml src/dune_lang/lexer.mli src/dune_lang/lexer.ml src/dune_lang/lexer_shared.mli src/dune_lang/lexer_shared.ml src/dune_lang/template.mli src/dune_lang/template.ml src/dune_lang/types.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/stdune/result/dune_result.ml src/stdune/result/result.mli src/stdune/result/result.ml src/stdune/result/result_compat.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/fiber/fiber.mli src/fiber/fiber.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' vendor/incremental-cycles/src/incremental_cycles.mli vendor/incremental-cycles/src/incremental_cycles.ml vendor/incremental-cycles/src/incremental_cycles_intf.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/memo/memo.mli src/memo/memo.ml src/memo/implicit_output.mli src/memo/implicit_output.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/ocaml-config/ocaml_config.mli src/ocaml-config/ocaml_config.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/stdune/stdune.ml src/stdune/ansi_color.mli src/stdune/ansi_color.ml src/stdune/appendable_list.mli src/stdune/appendable_list.ml src/stdune/array.ml src/stdune/bin.mli src/stdune/bin.ml src/stdune/bool.mli src/stdune/bool.ml src/stdune/bytes.mli src/stdune/bytes.ml src/stdune/char.ml src/stdune/code_error.mli src/stdune/code_error.ml src/stdune/common.ml src/stdune/comparable.mli src/stdune/comparable.ml src/stdune/comparable_intf.ml src/stdune/comparator.mli src/stdune/comparator.ml src/stdune/console.mli src/stdune/console.ml src/stdune/csexp.mli src/stdune/csexp.ml src/stdune/digest.mli src/stdune/digest.ml src/stdune/dyn.mli src/stdune/dyn.ml src/stdune/either.mli src/stdune/either.ml src/stdune/env.mli src/stdune/env.ml src/stdune/escape.mli src/stdune/escape.ml src/stdune/exn.mli src/stdune/exn.ml src/stdune/exn_with_backtrace.mli src/stdune/exn_with_backtrace.ml src/stdune/fdecl.mli src/stdune/fdecl.ml src/stdune/filename.mli src/stdune/filename.ml src/stdune/float.mli src/stdune/float.ml src/stdune/fmt.mli src/stdune/fmt.ml src/stdune/fn.mli src/stdune/fn.ml src/stdune/hashable.ml src/stdune/hashtbl.mli src/stdune/hashtbl.ml src/stdune/hashtbl_intf.ml src/stdune/id.mli src/stdune/id.ml src/stdune/int.mli src/stdune/int.ml src/stdune/interned.mli src/stdune/interned.ml src/stdune/io.mli src/stdune/io.ml src/stdune/lexbuf.mli src/stdune/lexbuf.ml src/stdune/list.mli src/stdune/list.ml src/stdune/loc.mli src/stdune/loc.ml src/stdune/loc0.ml src/stdune/log.mli src/stdune/log.ml src/stdune/map.mli src/stdune/map.ml src/stdune/map_intf.ml src/stdune/monad.mli src/stdune/monad.ml src/stdune/nothing.mli src/stdune/nothing.ml src/stdune/option.mli src/stdune/option.ml src/stdune/or_exn.mli src/stdune/or_exn.ml src/stdune/ordered.mli src/stdune/ordered.ml src/stdune/ordering.mli src/stdune/ordering.ml src/stdune/path.mli src/stdune/path.ml src/stdune/path_intf.ml src/stdune/poly.mli src/stdune/poly.ml src/stdune/pp.mli src/stdune/pp.ml src/stdune/proc.mli src/stdune/proc.ml src/stdune/result.mli src/stdune/result.ml src/stdune/set.mli src/stdune/set.ml src/stdune/set_intf.ml src/stdune/sexp.mli src/stdune/sexp.ml src/stdune/signal.mli src/stdune/signal.ml src/stdune/staged.mli src/stdune/staged.ml src/stdune/string.mli src/stdune/string.ml src/stdune/string_split.mli src/stdune/string_split.ml src/stdune/table.mli src/stdune/table.ml src/stdune/tuple.mli src/stdune/tuple.ml src/stdune/type_eq.mli src/stdune/type_eq.ml src/stdune/unit.mli src/stdune/unit.ml src/stdune/univ_map.mli src/stdune/univ_map.ml src/stdune/user_error.mli src/stdune/user_error.ml src/stdune/user_message.mli src/stdune/user_message.ml src/stdune/user_warning.mli src/stdune/user_warning.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/wp/wp.mli src/wp/wp.boot.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamldep.opt -modules -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' src/xdg/xdg.mli src/xdg/xdg.ml > boot-depends.txt
- /home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamlc.opt -g -w -40 -o boot.exe -pp './boot-pp.exe -dump-ast' -I +threads unix.cma threads.cma boot.ml
Processing  7/12: [dune: ./boot.exe 31] [ocamlfind: make install]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "install" "make" "install" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5)
- if [ "1" -eq 1 ]; then \
-     for x in camlp4 dbm graphics labltk num ocamlbuild; do \
-       if [ -f "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/$x/META" ]; then \
-         if ! grep -Fq '[distributed with Ocaml]' "//home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/$x/META"; then \
-           rm -f site-lib-src/$x/META; \
-         fi; \
-       fi; \
-     done; \
-     test -f "site-lib-src/num/META" || rm -f "site-lib-src/num-top/META"; \
-   fi
- echo 'SITELIB_META =' > Makefile.packages.in
- for x in `ls site-lib-src`; do test ! -f "site-lib-src/$x/META" || echo $x >> Makefile.packages.in; done
- tr '\n' ' ' < Makefile.packages.in > Makefile.packages
- rm Makefile.packages.in
- install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin"
- install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/man"
- make install-config
- make[1]: Entering directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5'
- install -d "`dirname \"/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib.conf\"`"
- test -f "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib.conf" || install -c findlib.conf "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib.conf"
- make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5'
- for p in findlib; do ( cd src/$p; make install ); done
- make[1]: Entering directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5/src/findlib'
- install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib"
- install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin"
- test 1 -eq 0 || install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/ocaml"
- test 1 -eq 0 || install -c topfind "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/ocaml/"
- files=` ../../tools/collect_files ../../Makefile.config \
- findlib.cmi findlib.mli findlib.cma findlib.cmxa findlib.a findlib.cmxs \
- findlib_config.cmi findlib_config.ml topfind.cmi topfind.mli \
- fl_args.cmi fl_lint.cmi fl_meta.cmi fl_split.cmi fl_topo.cmi ocaml_args.cmi \
- fl_package_base.mli fl_package_base.cmi fl_metascanner.mli fl_metascanner.cmi \
- fl_metatoken.cmi findlib_top.cma findlib_top.cmxa findlib_top.a findlib_top.cmxs \
- findlib_dynload.cma findlib_dynload.cmxa findlib_dynload.a findlib_dynload.cmxs fl_dynload.mli fl_dynload.cmi \
- META` && \
- install -c $files "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib/"
- f="ocamlfind"; { test -f ocamlfind_opt && f="ocamlfind_opt"; }; \
- install -c $f "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin/ocamlfind"
- # the following "if" block is only needed for 4.00beta2
- if [ 1 -eq 0 -a -f "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/ocaml/compiler-libs/topdirs.cmi" ]; then \
-     cd "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/ocaml/compiler-libs/"; \
-     install -c topdirs.cmi toploop.cmi "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib/"; \
- fi
- make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5/src/findlib'
- make install-meta
- make[1]: Entering directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5'
- for x in bigarray bytes compiler-libs dynlink graphics num num-top ocamlbuild ocamldoc stdlib str threads unix ; do install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/$x"; install -c site-lib-src/$x/META "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/$x/META.tmp" && mv "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/$x/META.tmp" "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/$x/META"; done
- install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib"; install -c Makefile.packages "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/findlib/Makefile.packages"
- make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5'
- test ! -f 'site-lib-src/num-top/META' || { cd src/findlib; make install-num-top; }
- make[1]: Entering directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5/src/findlib'
- install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/num-top"
- install -c num_top.cma num_top.cmi num_top_printers.cmi \
- 	"/home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/num-top/"
- make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5/src/findlib'
- test ! -f 'site-lib-src/camlp4/META' ||	install -c tools/safe_camlp4 "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/bin"
- make install-doc
- make[1]: Entering directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5'
- install -d "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/man/man1" "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/man/man3" "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/man/man5"
- install -c doc/ref-man/ocamlfind.1 "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/man/man1"
- install -c doc/ref-man/META.5 doc/ref-man/site-lib.5 doc/ref-man/findlib.conf.5 "/home/opam/.opam/4.02/man/man5"
- make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/ocamlfind.1.9.5'
-> installed ocamlfind.1.9.5
Processing  7/12: [dune: ./boot.exe 31]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "./boot.exe" "--release" "-j" "31" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/dune.1.11.4)
-> compiled  dune.1.11.4
-> installed dune.1.11.4
Processing  9/12: [result: dune build]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "dune" "build" "-p" "result" "-j" "31" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/result.1.5)
-> compiled  result.1.5
-> installed result.1.5
Processing 11/12: [assimp: make]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "make" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/assimp.0.3)
- ocamlfind c -package result -c assimp.mli
- ocamlfind c -package result -c assimp.ml
- ocamlfind c -c -ccopt "-std=gnu99 -ffast-math" ml_assimp.c
- ocamlfind mklib -o _assimp_stubs ml_assimp.o -cclib -lassimp
- ocamlfind c -package result -a -custom -o assimp.cma assimp.cmo \
-        -dllib dll_assimp_stubs.so -dllib libassimp.so \
-        -ccopt -L/usr/local/lib -cclib -l_assimp_stubs -cclib -lassimp
- ocamlfind opt -package result -c assimp.ml
- ocamlfind opt -package result -a -o assimp.cmxa assimp.cmx \
-        -cclib -l_assimp_stubs -cclib -lassimp
-> compiled  assimp.0.3
Processing 12/12: [assimp: make install]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "install" "make" "install" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.02/.opam-switch/build/assimp.0.3)
- ocamlfind install assimp assimp.a assimp.cmi assimp.cmo assimp.cma assimp.cmx assimp.cmxa assimp.ml assimp.mli lib_assimp_stubs.a dll_assimp_stubs.so META
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/lib_assimp_stubs.a
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/assimp.mli
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/assimp.ml
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/assimp.cmxa
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/assimp.cmx
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/assimp.cma
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/assimp.cmo
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/assimp.cmi
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/assimp.a
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/stublibs/dll_assimp_stubs.so
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/stublibs/dll_assimp_stubs.so.owner
- ocamlfind: [WARNING] You have installed DLLs but the directory /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/stublibs is not mentioned in ld.conf
- Installed /home/opam/.opam/4.02/lib/assimp/META
-> installed assimp.0.3
# Run eval $(opam env) to update the current shell environment
2022-09-02 12:13.28 ---> saved as "1a940212fbfd4331c0e8871c155d1b88a88cfb04fb90ecf051f66d5ffcf9e727"
Job succeeded